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Aura Solar III

In just 3 days we finished cleaning 40,000 solar modules for Aura Solar III. Mission Impossible?

Medium Voltage

We have the expertise to predict, install and manage all the needs a Medium Voltage Solar System would need.

Autonomous System

It is not our intention to show off, but when autonomous systems are the topic, we are the best!

Grid Tie PV System

When there is the possible, we know interconnected system are the best option for you. That’s why we have many options to create the best system for your needs, also, we have mastered the manage of contracts with CFE.

Solar photovoltaic energy systems

Into the world of the solar energy technologies, we will be your ally. We believe your needs are unique because you are, that’s why all our services are 100% personalize and designed exactly for what you need, plus we have mastered contract management with CFE.

Solar thermal panels

Save fossil fuel uses to heat the water of your pool or the water you use into you house, all this translated into save money with an average of three years of investment return.

Solar water pump

For pools, water house or deep-water wells, we work with the best German technology in the matter. LORENTZ are 100% dedicated to building pumping systems for off grid solar applications.

Batteries and autonomous solar systems

It is not our intention to show off, but when autonomous systems are the topic, we are the best! We will give you exactly what are you looking for, even if you are not quite sure how to express it. Best prices, best quality best services. Just take a look into our testimonials.

Energy efficiency air conditioners

Reliable, energy-efficient, clean air for your home.

Electric equipment

Starting a new project? We can help providing the equipment you need.

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